Welcome to 630 Aerospace

Welcome to 630 Aerospace, global leaders in the repair and overhaul of aircraft airframe and engine components.  Strategically located in South Florida, the worldwide hub for aircraft MRO services, 630 is uniquely positioned to deliver industry-best repair and overhaul services to commercial, regional, corporate and military aircraft customers from around the world.

The technical expertise and in-depth experience of our engineering, test and repair team, and the breadth of our services set 630 Aerospace apart.  Whether delivering sophisticated composite repairs for nacelles and stabilizers or conducting intricate nose-to-tail flight control overhaul, 630 Aerospace offers a full range of services to keep our customer’s aircraft in the air.

As an FAA and EASA certified repair station, 630 Aerospace also earned Accessory Ratings for engine harnesses, electro-mechanical and hydraulic components.

For 30 years, 630 Aerospace has balanced technology and technical proficiency with the art of caring for the customer.  630 Aerospace where quality is built in not inspected and service makes all the difference.

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